The 10 Minute Mentor

The impact of an IPO on the role and life of a CEO

November 28, 2016

Episode 1: George Napier, former Chairman & CEO of Prince Sports, on the impact of an IPO on the role and life of a CEO.

David Reimer, CEO of Merryck Americas spoke with George Napier on his experience the first time he went through the ramp-up to an IPO and in his life and leadership after an IPO.

What do marriage and Broadway have to do with taking a company public? George offers insights on the excitement of the IPO process, providing some unique analogies on how it broadens your scope as a CEO - from operating the business to actually thinking about investors, stakeholders, and shareholders. And if you decide to go public, what does a CEO need from their management team to better prepare for post-IPO success?

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